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This is a water colour painting depicting a view of a street under a bridge in Mumbai India painted by John Fernandes.

Add a touch of cultural charm to your home or office with our At The Other End art print. This beautiful watercolour reproduction captures the lively street scene of Mumbai, India, as locals go about their daily lives after a refreshing rain shower. The unique perspective under the bridge adds depth and dimension to the piece, while the intricate details and vivid colours make it a true work of art. Painted by John Fernandes, this print is the perfect addition to any art lover's collection. Display it in a frame and enjoy the beauty of this stunning painting every day.

At The Other End - Art Print | Paintings for Home or Office

  • It is recommended to frame the print with an inner border layer to prevent the painting from sticking to the glass and a padding at the back too. Do include 2 to 3 small dessicant packs inside the frame to keep away moisture from damaging the paper or the mount. Replace the dessicant at least once a year.

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